Thursday, August 2, 2012

Event Planning Sheet Download

After youth camp, I evaluated how smoothly things went leading up to camp and decided that I need to be a little more organized in that realm.  One place to start is just to have all the information in one easy, accessible place.

And after many hours of searching online, I couldn't find an event planning sheet that (a) I liked or (b) was editable (if I did like it).

So I created an event planning sheet that covers the essentials that I found important for planning most of our big youth group events.  And I thought I would share the file so that others can benefit from it as well.

I'm using this for all of our big events and events that require transportation.  My youth ministry binder is organized by month, and the event planning sheets fall under whatever month the event is in (and any other documents or information related to the event sits behind it).

I made it as generic as possible so that any church can use it.  I hope you find it helpful!

::Click the picture to download the file::
**UPDATE: The link should now be up and running.  Sorry for the mishap!***


amrodg said...

Getting this:

Not Found

Error 404

Might need to share it (File > Sharing > Who can access this > Public). That or the link is just wrong :P

Kendall said...

Thanks for the comment! I fixed the issue. You should now be able to access the file. :)

Angie Williamson said...

This is awesome! Any more awesome things like this to share?