Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Dipped Fortune Cookies & Take Out Box

Since this weekend was a three-day weekend (for me anyway), I decided to combine "Made for Monday" and "Tasteful Tuesday" into one post!  Today's post is a duo craft/recipe.  I hope you enjoy it!

"Valentine Dipped Fortune Cookies & Take Out Box"

What you'll need:
  • Fortune cookies - I scored mine at the local Dollar Tree for $1 (obviously).
  • Vanilla flavored almond bark
  • Cinnamon chips - like chocolate chips, but cinnamon
  • Sprinkles - I chose red for Valentine's
  • Foil or wax paper
  • Cardstock - for the "take out" box
  • Double-sided tape or glue
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
What you'll do:

Unwrap all of your fortune cookies, if they're individually wrapped, which mine were.

Melt your almond bark 30 seconds at a time, stirring between each interval, until melted.

Dip half of the fortune cookies in the melted almond bark and set on wax paper or foil.  

Immediately sprinkle and allow to dry.

Now melt your cinnamon chips just like you melted your almond bark - then dip the other half of the fortune cookies in the melted cinnamon chips.  Work quickly because the cinnamon chips, for whatever reason, don't stay smooth for very long.  Again, cover these with sprinkles immediately.  

*Side note: This is what happens when you add food coloring to melted almond bark (aside from the horrible lighting - sorry).  This is the reason I decided to use cinnamon chips: I ruined the rest of the almond bark and had cinnamon chips on hand.  Definite blunder.  Live and learn, my friends!*

Here's what your cookies should look like, for the most part.  :)  Delicious.  And that's the recipe!

Ok.  So now onto the craft!  I wanted to make a "take out" box for my fortune cookies since the original one is pretty lame.  So I tore it apart and laid it out.  It was too big to fit on one piece of cardstock, so...

I cut it in half so that the two pieces were almost identical, as you can see.  Then I traced them onto 2 pieces of cardstock.  Since I had to attach the 2 pieces back together, I added a "wing" on the second piece in the same place as the first piece.  

I then cut the pieces out.  Hopefully you can see where I added the wing onto the piece on the right side of the picture.  You can't see from this picture, unfortunately, but I drew lines where each fold will be.  You don't have to do this step, but it made it a lot easier for me to determine where to make my folds.  

I made my folds and then attached  the pieces together, using the original box as a guideline. I used Scrapbook Adhesives to attach them instead of double-sided tape.

I put tissue paper in the inside and then plastic wrap on top of that and put my fortune cookies inside and covered them with the plastic wrap.  Then I closed the box, added the handle, a note about what's inside, and  a few other embellishments.  I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, and I hope the recipient loves it!

Happy creating!

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