Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: The Will of God

Today's words of wisdom come from a book I'm reading with Matthew right now - called "Devotions for Dating Couples" by Ben Young and Dr. Samuel Adams - concerning the will of God.

"When you recognize your dependence upon God for holiness, and you humbly seek to live your life according to His guidelines and moral teachings, you will be in the middle of His will for your life."

For some reason this passage of the book has really spoken to me.  I think it's because there's a lot of uncertainty and instability in my life right now, and I'm constantly seeking out what it is that God would have me do next. 

Just prior to this excerpt, the authors were relaying the difference between what they call the "secret" will of God and the "moral" will of God.  The moral will of God is what is evident from the Bible, the things that are clearly laid out in his Word.  The secret will of God is the stuff that isn't so direct from the Bible, like where to live, who to marry, what career path to take.  

So many times I get so wrapped up in figuring out what God's secret will is for my life.  And I think this quote wraps up the idea very nicely.  Basically it's this - concern yourself with the will of God that is clear and evident in the Bible, and God will reveal the other things to you.  You can't help but be in the middle of his secret will when you're searching out truths in his moral will!

The funny thing is that it's not like this is a new concept - it's just hit me in a completely new way this last week.  I can't get past it.  

I love it when the Lord does this kind of thing to me.  He reveals something "old" in such a new way that I'm beside myself in awe and curiosity.  

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