Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest Post: The Chew-ster - "Things the Husband of a Craft-Blogger Should Know"

This week, I'd like to welcome the Chew-ster (my smokin' hot hubby) to The KC Experience as he posts about what husbands should know as the significant other of a craft-blogger.  Enjoy!

hey.  i'm not big on words or anything.  so let's just get to the point.  here's what you need to know...
  1. always have burlap on hand.  but expect to have to do the vacuuming after your wife has used it.  
  2. expect to be recruited for any all craft projects.  i think it's an unwritten/unspoken part of wedding vows or something.  i'm not sure.  
  3. learn what mod podge is.  actually, go ahead and learn all crafting lingo.  or expect to live in constant confusion.
  4. anything you say or do can and will be used in a blog post.  caution ahead.
  5. husband = craft photographer.  
  6. all projects are awesome, even if they're not, if you know what i mean.
  7. negative criticism of a project is never acceptable.  trust me - i know this from experience (see point #6).  
  8. make sure to give yourself a blog nickname.  otherwise she'll create one for you (i.e, the chew-ster). 
  9. read every post.  she'll ask if you did.  it's some sort of test.
  10. don't be surprised if you have to write guest posts for your craft-blogger's blog.  
i think those are the high points.  good luck.  

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