Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Update -- But Lots of Pictures!

So much has happened since I posted my last life-update on here.  Where to start???

Boring stuff first...

I still haven't found a job.  However, I have had several interviews in the last week, which has been such an answer to prayer.  One of them asked for a second interview, and the others went very well.  I'm praying the Lord opens up some doors so that I can start making some money.  I have decided that if I haven't found a job by the end of August, I will be moving back home to Texas.  I feel really at peace about it either way - staying here or moving home - because I know that God has a plan.  My parents, Chewie, and I all feel this is probably the best plan of action at this point.

Now for not-so-boring...

Chewie & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on July 2nd.  He had been at kids' camp all week and got home that day, so I planned a quiet dinner for just the two of us.  And by "planned" I mean that I actually prepared a full meal for him as my anniversary gift, something I don't do...ever.  I made this Chicken Enchiladas recipe from I Heart Naptime.  Our side dish was a rich mexican corn recipe from allrecipes.com.  And our dessert was the ever-so-rich-but-delicious Homemade Snickers Bars from Mrs. Bettie Rocker.  I wish I had taken pics of our dinner, but we were too hungry to be patient.  Everything was delicious - thanks, ladies, for the amazing recipes.  After our dinner we decided to see a movie - it was stupid, unfortunately - and then take a walk along the Port Orchard waterfront.  It was perfect.  :)  (And, unfortunately, the only pic we took of us turned out grainy and awful - sorry.)

Last week, Chewie & I and 2 of our friends, Megan and Robbie, camped out all day (we were the first two cars in line) to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 Part 2 at the local drive-in.  The drive-in always has a double feature, and that night only they showed Part 1 before Part 2 so that we could see the movies in sequence.  It was such a fun experience.  We froze our butts off, but it was worth it...  Oh!  And what do you do while you wait all day for a movie that doesn't start until 9:35 pm?  Why, worship practice for Sunday morning, of course.  Yep, Chewie, Robbie, and I pulled out our music and a guitar and practiced for Sunday's worship service since we had nothing better to do.  Good times.  Here are some pics from that day:

Snacks for the movie

Waiting in line

Me & Megan

Chewie & Me

Robbie & Chewie - such weirdos :)
Robbie showing off his snuggie
My holy popcorn

My cell phone had literally 1% service by the end of the night
The whole night was absolutely fantastic, even if we didn't get home until 3:00 am.  And, because Chewie & I are obviously gluttons for punishment, we had previously made plans for a day trip just hours after the movie. So at 9 am, Chewie and I packed up the car for a trip to Rimrock, WA, on the the south-eastern side of Mt. Rainier - an approximate 3.5 hour drive from Port Orchard (one way).  We ended up off-course a couple of times - blame it on the sleep deprivation - and even had to pull out a legit map to figure out where we were.  But we had so much fun and ended up at our destination on time.  The drive was absolutely beautiful, and it was an overcast day - I can't imagine what a clear day would have been like!  Pics from our excursion:

Chewie & I at a roadside look-out
A cool graffiti-ed wall along the drive
An epic dam
Pulling out the actual map because we were off-course
All-in-all things around here have been pretty exciting.  And next on the agenda?  Youth camp - departing this Saturday.  Lord, give me strength!

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