Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coaster Set

Several months ago The Frugal Girls posted a tutorial to make personalized photo coasters, and it was a super cute idea!

So I immediately went out and bought all the supplies to make them with the perfectly good intention of making a set of them for my mom for Mother's Day.  Yeah...

That definitely did not happen.

Then I thought, "I'll just make her a set for her birthday [in January]!"  Yeah...

That definitely didn't happen either.

Don't get me wrong, I love my mom very much, but I couldn't seem to get pictures to make the darn things.  I wanted individual pics of each of us 4 kids - aren't we cute?! - ...

(Photo by Robby Wilson)
*Notice my beautiful mom in the background.*

...but I had a hard time trying to arrange those individual pics to get taken because I live in Washington state, and the other three live in Texas.  Sorry, mom.

Then I saw this tutorial a couple of weeks ago and had an aha! moment: I can use paper instead of pictures!

So here's the outcome:

I think they're absolutely awesome.  And, mom, you'll get your photo set eventually...

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