Saturday, August 27, 2011

Harry Potter Inspired Ripple Scarf

After my friends and I went to see the final Harry Potter film, I was moved to make a Gryffindor inspired scarf.  A couple of years ago I knitted a "first year" scarf for Chewie that turned out fantastic (I actually wore it during the movie).  But it took FOREVER to make since it was exceptionally wide for a scarf, and it was knitted instead of crocheted.  So I knew that knitting it was out of the question.

I started to crochet one like what you see in the movies, but ultimately decided to go with something different.

What do you think???  I really love it.

I used this pattern from over at Attic24 - I love her blog - as a guideline for the ripples.

It measures about 70-80 inches, which is long for a scarf, but I can't stand scarves that are too short.  Better too long than too short.

I did two rows of each color for each color stripe and added the tassels on the end for some extra flair.

Other than the fact that it's HP inspired, the other cool thing is that maroon and gold are the local high school's colors - so I can wear it to football games in the fall and show some school spirit!  Go team!

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