Saturday, November 19, 2011

When will they realize...?

I'm starting to wonder when the world will realize that I'm brilliant.  As I've been working at the church, several occasions have arisen where I've had a stroke of genius or fixed a copier issue, and when Pastor J watches in wonder I've explained to him that I'm brilliant.  And he laughs.  But it's true.

Consider this scenario: Chewie gave me a Kindle for Christmas - woohoo!  But all the cases for Kindles at Best Buy (where he bought it) are expensive, and I want time to find the perfect one.  The whole reason he gave me my gift early is so that I can have it for my plane rides to and from TX for Thanksgiving, but I would hate for it to get messed up during travel, like if it was in my purse or something.  So, being the brilliant person I am, I did a little "research" on Pinterest (the best website ever) and found a crochet pattern for a simple cover and whipped one right up (and even added buttons)!  Problem solved in an hour with supplies on hand.  You can't tell me I'm not brilliant.

Ok, ok.  So maybe I'm not brilliant, but can we agree that I'm at least creative? :)

In other news, I saw Breaking Dawn: Part 1 yesterday with Chewie's mom, and it was SO good.  It was a little graphic, which was why we were so surprised that there were several young children there.  I have to say that I'm incredibly envious of Bella & Edward's wedding - it was like a dream!  And Christina Perry has a song on the soundtrack that is incredible - give it a listen (and get a sneak peak of the wedding):

Tomorrow is our annual Agapefeast at church, which is basically a Thanksgiving potluck, and I am super duper excited.  Yummy food and fun table decorations and good friends and church family.  Can't.  Wait.

Also, I'm flying home Monday morning for Thanksgiving!  I can't wait to see all of my family and our dog.  I miss them all, and I haven't been home for Thanksgiving since college.  So this should be really fun!

On the flip side, I won't be home for Christmas this year - the first time ever.  I have mixed emotions about it.  I need to be here because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, and we are having a Christmas morning service at the church.  It'll be nice spending Christmas with my church family, but nothing is quite like Christmas with my family.  So I'll be spending the holiday with Chewie's family and my close friends, which is the next best thing to spending the holiday with my family in Texas.

Anyhow, hope that you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving and enjoy giving thanks to the One who gave us all we have to be thankful for!

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Anonymous said...

okay okay already. you are brilliant. but i'm more brillianter for putting you on staff! muah!