Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

I was rummaging through my craft supplies and found (1) twine and (2) plastic pearls, both from previous projects and labeled as "leftovers."  So what do I do?  Naturally, I make a bracelet.  This is so easy to do - your kids can make one if they want.

Here's what ya do:

String a pearl onto the twine and tie a knot on both sides.  Be sure to leave several inches on the end for later.

Continue to string the pearls and tie knots until you have as many as you like.  I ended up with six.  Once you've made one strand, make a duplicate.  Now you have two strands of pearls on twine.  Tie them together on the ends.  I made my knots as close as I could get them to the last knots on both strands (on both ends).

I used an old school technique to finish the bracelet - the infamous sliding knot.  Take one end of the strands and tie a knot around the other end.  Do the same with the opposite end around the first strands.  Sounds difficult, but it's not.  Check out this simple tutorial (with pictures) if you're unclear.  You can really use whatever technique you want - this is the only one I could remember off-hand.

It's a simple bracelet, but I really love the rustic feel to it, mostly due to the twine.  I also thought it might work well as a necklace - I might have to try it.  Enjoy!

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