Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Welcome" Banner Wreath

I decided that our new home needed to be christened with a wreath.  So I rifled through a ton of them on Pinterest and finally decided to put a bunch of different ideas together.  I give you the "Welcome" Banner Wreath:

I didn't take a picture of all the items, but here's a list of what I used and where I got it:
  • 2 wreaths of different sizes - Dollar Tree
  • Multi-colored foam sheets - Dollar Tree
  • Twine - Michaels
  • Hot glue gun - any craft store
  • Acrylic jewels - Walmart
Here's what I did:

I cut the foam sheets into squares and then made them into pinwheels. 

From there, I overlapped the twine wreaths and used the twine to hold them together.  You could probably just hot glue them together, but I liked the look of the twine.  

I made triangles from the scraps of foam sheets and glued them to the twine to make a banner.  Then I attached the twine to the wreaths.  

Hot glue the pinwheels to the wreaths and the acrylic jewels to the middle of the pinwheels.  Write "welcome" on the pennants of the banner.  Then hang it!

Now I have a happy front door that is perfect for summer!


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