Sunday, July 29, 2012

Granny Square Afghan Project

For my birthday several years ago (2010, I think), my parents gave me a gift card for Michael's so that I could buy yarn because I got into this huge crocheting phase.  I bought the yarn immediately and started on this afghan soon after.  But I got bored with it. 

So I'd put it down and pick it back up spontaneously.  My only goal was to finish it before Matthew and I got married (even though, at the time, I had absolutely no idea when that would be).  But it wasn't until about a year ago that my crochet group friends encouraged me to finally finish it.  And I did (before we got married, mind you)!  And I'm only just now getting around to posting pics of it because I kept forgetting...sorry.  
 I actually got the inspiration for it from a blanket that I somehow caught in the background of an old episode of "Parks & Recreation" (see above picture).  It probably took me about two years to finish all in all, but I love it.  It's huge - big enough for a queen size bed, which makes it perfect for snuggling.  :) 

This square is my absolute favorite.  Something about the combo of colors is so intriguing.  I used this tutorial for the general idea for the granny squares (I only used "the basic square") - I did 3 rounds of the first color, 2 rounds of each color after that, and a single crochet around the edge of the square using the main teal color that I also used to join them. And I used this tutorial for joining them together - my personal favorite method because it's essentially seamless (and have had MANY compliments from veteran crocheters for this particular look).  

Happy crocheting!

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