Thursday, July 19, 2012

Home Organization

Lately I've been on a home organization/craft kick.  I'm not entirely sure why.  I think I'm just prone to go through intense phases, especially when it comes to crafts.  I'll craft hardcore for a few weeks and then quit altogether for a few months...and repeat.

Thanks to Pinterest I've combined the two and done some awesome things around our home that will - hopefully - make life less cluttered and chaotic.  And there are a couple that I will be doing in the near future.

Project #1: {Tickler File}
Pinterest led me to {this blog} with the "Tickler" file.  It's a great system for keeping your day-to-day and monthly to-dos organized.  If you would like to know more, I highly recommend clicking the link for more information.  I bought some manilla folders and found this perfectly sized basket at Goodwill and used scrapbook paper and double-sided tape to create mine.  Total cost = $6.

Project #2: {Scarf Organizer}
I'm a scarf fanatic.  I love them, and I get more every year.  But organizing them is such a pain.  I saw a pin one day that used shower curtain hooks on a hanger, and I tried that out.  The only problem was that the hooks (which I got for $1 at the Dollar Tree) slid to one end of the hanger (on hand), making the project not very practical.  And then I came across {this post} - same idea, better concept.  It worked like a charm.  Total cost = $1.

Project #3: {Meal Planning Paint Chip Calendar}
Matthew and I plan our meals out weekly so that we know what we need to get at the grocery store, instead of going every day.  But we decided to plan a little more long-term so that we can be even more frugal.  The problem is that our awesome little meal planner only goes by the week, and I knew we'd need something bigger.

Enter the {paint chip calendar}.  These aren't new, at least not to the Pinterest world, but what I liked about the one in this blog post is the ombre style.  So I spent about half an hour in front of the paint chips at Walmart picking out an ombre scheme that I liked (free).  And I bought a 16 x 20 poster frame for about $7.  I also used a paper punch that rounds the corners (on hand) because I liked the soft edge.  Now we can plan our meals ahead of time and coordinate it with our calendars.  I'm also thinking about adding some strong magnets to the back (it's not super heavy) so we can put it on our fridge.  Total cost = $7.

Future Project #4: {Cleaning Calendar}
With just the two of us at home, our house really doesn't get that dirty.  And we clean the whole house about once a week.  But Matthew and I are forward-thinking people, and we know that one day we will have kids and cleaning won't be so easy.  I found {this pin} while roaming Pinterest one day and think that it will help us establish a good routine for cleaning the house.  Our hope is that it will keep rigorous cleaning to a minimum since it will be an ongoing process done in smaller chunks.  Plus, we won't be in a rut if/when someone stops by unexpectedly.  The project I foresee being the most difficult to keep up: making the bed(s).  I'm just not a fan.  Haha.

Future Project #5: {DIY Emergency Documents Folder}
I think {this project} will come in much handier once we have kids.  However, it can't hurt to get started now and start organizing all of our important documents for the sake of convenience and reference.  For instance, I don't have Matthew's social security number memorized.  Having it in a file like this will make it much easier for me to find.  I'd also like to keep a running list of accounts, usernames, and passwords for websites like our bank account and Paypal so that if something should ever happen to one or both of us, our financial information and other information can be handled easily.  And, of course, we'll plan to keep this in a fire-proof safe for our protection.

Overall, I think these things will help keep us a little more sane and organized.  Maybe I'm just a little OCD or too controlling, but I'll go crazy if my home life isn't at least somewhat orderly.

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