Thursday, August 16, 2012

Christmas Projects List

Christmas is on my mind.  I can't explain it.  Actually, maybe it was that Christmas decorations are already being put out for sale at the Dollar Tree.  Either way, my heart is already in December.  I even bought wrapping paper yesterday...

Over the last year I've been compiling tons of Christmas projects to do for this year as Matthew and I celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple.  I thought I'd share the list with you!  Merry Crafting!

16 Christmas Projects

Mirrored Tiles inside the Christmas tree (before ornaments) to reflect the lights and brighten it up even more

Similar to the previous one, a tree stump ornament from our first tree

Key Imprint Ornament from our first home

I'm especially excited about this because we want a nativity but don't have a lot of space for one to sit, and I love how chic this looks as a silhouette. 

These will go nicely with....

And for after the holidays are over...

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