Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 - 2013 Goals

Every year, our church hosts a Leadership Summit for leaders in our church where we develop leadership in our existing leaders as well as those who are interested in being in leadership at our church.

One of the main exercises during Leadership Summit is to set goals for the coming church year, and they're broken up into three different categories: personal spiritual/discipleship goals, personal goals, and ministry/ministry team goals.

This year, we have to turn one copy into the office, one to another person for accountability, and keep an additional copy for ourselves.  I thought, for a little bit of additional accountability, I would post mine here with a bit of an explanation for each one.

So here goes...

Personal Spiritual/Discipleship Goals

  1. Pray for my lost friend, Susie (I changed her name in the event that she ever actually reads this blog post), every day and invite her to every Big Day.  -- Susie has been my friend for a little over a year now, and I can see that she desperately needs to feel the love of Jesus.  I admit that I haven't been consistent in my prayers for her, and I'd like that to change.  (Also, Big Days are "special" services at our church about every quarter where we focus on inviting visitors and sometimes have special events attached to them, like a bbq picnic.)
  2. Meditate on a Psalm each day for one year. -- The more worship leadership magazines and articles I read, the more convicted I am about focusing more on the Psalms.  So I'd like to make it a goal to incorporate them into my life on a more consistent basis.
  3. Read through our church's daily reading guide every day. -- I'm not always the best at reading these, and I should be.  There's something special to me about reading the same parts of Scripture that other people in my church are reading at the same time.  Something special in the one-ness of it.
Personal Goals
  1. Eat no more than 40 carbs daily through January 1st. -- As many of you know, my doctor has put me on a low carb diet, which I did pretty successfully in the beginning.  And then I visited family in Texas...and then got married...and then life happened some more.  So I've really slacked lately, and it's important to me and my health to do this.  I limited it to January 1st because I'd like to lower my carb intake even more by then.  I realize this is not going to be an easy goal for me to achieve because I love me some carbs, but I believe it is attainable.
  2. Join a gym and work out either (a) an hour 3 days a week or (b) a half hour 5 days a week (depending on my schedule). -- I don't like exercising much and would rather go through life without doing it, but I recognize that I'm called to be healthy because my body is a temple.  And I need to take care of that temple.  This is a goal that Chewie and I will probably be working on together, which really excites me.  No one gets me motivated like my hubby.  
Ministry/Ministry Team Goals
  1. Add 2 more volunteers to the sound/media team. -- We are kind of bare bones with our sound team right now, and I really need one or two more people to help with staffing the sound/media on Sunday mornings.  This would allow for more of a rotation, instead of a weekly position.
  2. Visit a youth for lunch at school once a month (at least). -- Since we don't have a youth pastor, Hubs and I are sort of filling that role.  And I remember how awesome it was when my youth pastor would visit us during our lunch hour (and sometimes even brought a pizza).  I feel that it's one - relatively simple - way for me to show the youth I love them and care for them.  Plus, I'm hoping it will help bring home a little more that our faith should be real even during school hours.
So these are my goals for now.  There's a chance they'll be revised a bit, but I think the main ideas are here to stay.  And you may not care - and that's okay.  I just needed to post this for myself more than anything.  The idea of failing these goals now that they're on the interwebs is enough to keep me motivated.  

Thanks for reading!  And I hope maybe you're inspired to create some goals of your own!

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