Monday, September 24, 2012

Decoupage Fan

For some reason, I never blogged about this decoupage fan project (at least, not that I can tell).  And, I think it deserves a post because it's stinkin' awesome.

I did this fan for my bff Mattie - she's 5 and awesome.  And her old fan was kind of blah.  So her mom and I went on a mission to make it go from blah to "ah!"  Which we did.

This one ended up a bit wrinkly.  :/ 

All the shapes were done free-hand (because I'm awesome - hah), and they were all shapes and colors that matched her Pottery Barn bedspread.  Her mom and I loved it - I don't think she really cared.  But we felt better about it!

We got the inspiration here, if you're interested!

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