Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinterest Hair

I have naturally wavy-to-curly hair.  I'm not sure how that happened.  It wasn't always this way - it used to dry straight.  So often times, my go-to hair style is scrunching my hair to highlight the waves/curls.  But most of the time it ends up a frizzy, hot mess (and dull and volume-less after an hour).

I walk out of the bathroom after doing my hair, and Matthew's response to my how-do-I-look question is, "Umm...will it go down and not be so...big?"  Isn't he sweet?  ;)

Anyway, I saw a pin the other day that had tips for my brand of hair, wavy-to-curly.  I read the post from this blogger mom, and it didn't seem too difficult.

So I tried it today.

sorry the lighting sucks

I'm actually really impressed with the outcome.  Usually my hair has a lot more frizz, and the curls look dried out.  My hair is actually curlier here than it usually - it's typically more wavy than curly.  And I have some decent volume with this look, also pretty atypical for my scrunched hair-do.

I'm pleased as punch.  So thanks, Mama and the Dudes!  No more crunchy curls for me!  Only soft and luscious from here on out!  ;)

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