Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Bucket List 2012

I was browsing blog land yesterday and ran across The Dainty Squid, who has the cutest nail tutorials by the way.  While browsing her posts, I noticed one she wrote about her goals for the fall.

And I was inspired to write a list of my own.

Fall Bucket List 2012

Convince Chewie to get a dog!
Enjoy a pumpkin latte over a good book
Carve a pumpkin with Chewie
Photograph the changing colors
Make at least one fall decoration
Finish knitting my green cowl
Get lost in a corn maze with Chewie
Bake something fall themed
Make dinner for Chewie some night
Start and finish "The Divine Mentor"
Bake treats for Chewie to share at work
Have a picnic with Chewie in the fall weather
Book our honeymoon cruise trip
Look through our wedding album with Chewie with a glass of our fave wine
Make a goal list for winter 2012!

So that's that.  They're mostly silly things that I just want to make sure I do.  It's more a list to remind me to enjoy the little things in life and savor each moment.

Happy fall-ing!

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