Saturday, October 13, 2012

House Sign

Where we live, our house isn't marked very well. It's a little difficult to explain to friends which house is ours because we have a long, winding driveway with no marker indicating our house number.

So we made one. :)

This was really simple...

What to do...

I got two pieces of wood from Lowes: one 8 inch piece and one twelve inch piece.

We then painted them with some red paint we had on hand from when we painted our futon frame for the studio.

While those dried, I designed a stencil in Word with our house numbers and last name. This was basically all trial and error. I'm sure there is an easier way our there to do it, but I was too lazy to find it.

I placed each stencil on top of the corresponding wood pieces and traced the numbers/letters with a ball-point pen, pressing really hard so it would indent the wood a bit.

Next up - paint the numbers/letters with a Sharpie paint pen. That thing is amazing and was much easier to use than paint and a paint brush. Love it and will use it forevermore!

Let that dry and then spray with a waterproof sealer to protect it from the weather.

Last thing was to attach it to a garden stick with some nails and hammer into the ground at the end of our driveway!

We finished it just in time for the get together we had the next night, and our friends all said it was helpful, even ones who had been here previously!

{Also, while we painted the wood, we decided to make another one of these candy jars for our kitchen. It turned out great!}


P.S. - Sorry the pictures aren't the best - they were all from my iPhone...

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