Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Houses and Dogs

It's high time for a happy post and a life-update...

A few posts ago, I announced that we were buying our first home.  Which was awesome at the time.  But the inspection of the house was super-duper revealing, and we decided it wasn't worth the financial risk.  So that was disappointing but good at the same time.  Glad we found out about it all before we bought it!  We decided to put off looking for another home for a little while because of the timing with our current rental lease.  So it's on the back-burner for a few months, but that's okay.  We absolutely love the new apartment we're in, especially because it has a pool!

Plus, if we had decided to buy the house, we would have been in the middle/end of all the paperwork during the month of May, right smack-dab in the middle of Kasie's death, service, and our visit to TX.  Talk about potentially stressful!  We feel like God completely had his hand in that situation for us and are so blessed because of it.

So no new house, but we did get a dog!  I've been begging (excuse the pun) Matthew for a dog for a while now, but it wasn't ever the right time.  But with all of this stuff with Kasie, we decided that it would be good to have some puppy love.

Fumanchu sitting with daddy - his favorite
We knew that we wanted to rescue a dog, and our first thought was the Kitsap Humane Society.  I've been browsing their website of available dogs to find ones that we might be interested in re-homing.  And it happened that this past Saturday was a free day (the first in a while).

Our dog, Fumanchu, was on the website, and we both loved his picture and stats.  So we went to the humane society hoping to be able to see him and the other dogs that were available.  There were a few there, but Matthew didn't feel very connected to any of them.  And Fumanchu was actually in Port Orchard that day at a local pet store in hopes of getting him adopted there (the humane society is about half an hour away).

After a long time of deliberating and meeting him, we decided to take him home and love him to pieces.  :)  He's done such a great job of adapting, almost like he's been with us since the beginning.  He loves his daddy more than anything - he follows him everywhere and will leave me in a heartbeat to be with Matthew. But he definitely likes snuggles with mommy after daddy leaves for work.  And he's had zero problems with potty accidents or chewing things up.  So we're extra happy about those things.

He doesn't like being in his crate very much, but we're trying to train him on that.  And we discovered the he loves loves loves peanut butter.  We were told he doesn't care much for toys because he's very much more food-motivated than anything.  But yesterday we decided to try out rubber balls that are small enough for him to fit in his mouth to play fetch.  He LOVES them!  As soon as I tossed it for him, he went crazy and chased it all over our apartment.  So I'd say that was a success.  :)

Here's a video of him playing with his rubber balls:

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