Friday, January 9, 2015

January Goals & Low Carb Update

Since my last post about my 2015 resolutions, I figured that I need monthly goals to help me achieve those resolutions before 2016 rings, and I also thought I'd share some updates to the weight-loss resolution.

My biggest resolution for 2015 is to lose weight.  In my previous post, I didn't lay out a specific amount to lose or in how much time I'd like to lose it.  I think my ultimate target is going to be losing 60 lbs, which will put me right where I should be, according to the BMI scale.  That would mean I should lose about 1.5 lbs per week, which isn't unreasonable.  I'm hesitant to put my actual weight on here because I'm completely self-conscious about it.  But I'm planning to keep you updated on the amount of weight I lose, and maybe I'll feel comfortable enough to share my actual weight at some point in the future.

Matthew and I started the low carb diet on the 1st and have been learning how to adjust to the lifestyle.  It's definitely different and takes much more forethought, but doing it together is super helpful.  So far the toughest part is figuring out the best snack foods to eat.  We've stocked up on cheese and meats (like salami), as well as veggies, and we go through a lot of salad.  As for me, I'm really looking forward to cheat day - haha - and I think I'm handling the whole low carb change better because I know cheat day is on the horizon.

I weighed myself on Sunday, the 4th, so I know what my starting weight is.  I decided to weigh in once a week, and I've chosen Sunday to be that day.  We've also tentatively planned for Sundays to be our cheat days.  I figure having to weigh in on the morning of cheat day will help keep me motivated not to absolutely gorge on carbs the rest of the day.  I don't like to weigh in super often because I don't want to become obsessed with the number on the scale, but doing it once a week will give me a good sense of the progress I've made each week and if I need to kick it up a notch.

On top of the low carb challenge, I'm going back and forth on whether or not to get back into jogging regularly.  Many of you know I started jogging on a regular basis back in the summer, but I've slowly teetered off.  Right now I'm struggling with how much I really don't like it.  In the beginning it was kind of a challenge I put on myself - Could I get to the point where I could run a 5k?  And now, knowing that I can, I'm rather bored with it and don't enjoy it at all.  I feel like hating it so much will eventually wear on me, and I'll end up being super frustrated and quitting.  So right now, I'm just not sure what I want to do.

So that's where we are right now with our low carb/weight-loss journey.  We're looking forward to being healthier!

As for my January goals:
  1. Lose 6 lbs (which breaks down to 1.5 for the 4 full weeks in Jan).  
  2. Write 2 blog posts. (If you're reading this, that's indication of 1/2 of this goal being reached!)
  3. Finish 2 books (I set a goal to read 26 this year).
I believe putting pen to paper really helps solidify plans and keep focus, especially for my personality (the type that will write down something that I've already done just so I can feel the satisfaction of crossing it out).  I always use a planner to keep myself and my plans organized, and I'm utilizing it to help keep track of my monthly (and weekly) goals.  The need to cross/check them off each week/month will definitely keep me focused.

I'm really looking forward to this whole journey, whether it be weight-loss or more crafting.  And I'm definitely looking forward to jumping back into the blog-o-sphere and posting on a regular basis.

Here's to January and the beginning of change!

PS - Quite a while ago I posted about wanting to lose weight with a specific goal in mind.  And I feel like, after not sticking to it, this post will look like just another wishful thinking post where I write about the things I'd like to do but never actually do.  My goal is to make this go-around drastically different by being realistic, having a very well laid out plan, and keeping you regularly updated.  So far, I've already done more to reach my goal this time than I ever did previously.  Thanks for your support!

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