Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Tips for a Healthy & Happy 2015

Are you ready to make 2015 your year?  I know I am.  Read more for tips to make it happen.

Count your blessings
When we remember the things/reasons/people in our lives to be grateful, it shifts your attitude from negative to positive.  Remind yourself often of what makes your life happy and worthwhile.

Smile more
Fake it 'til you make it, right?!  It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown anyway.  Plus, smiling is contagious.

Improve your diet & exercise more
It's probably not what you want to hear, but a healthier, happier lifestyle starts with your nutrition.  When your body is happy and healthy, your whole countenance will have an easier time following suit.  Don't know where to start?  Go for a walk.  Do some gardening.  Have a dance party (even if you're the only guest in attendance).  Eat more veggies at each meal.  Replace an unhealthy vending machine snack with almonds or another protein.  Only go to Starbucks once a week instead of every day (you'll save money that way, too!).

Give of yourself
I'm a firm believer in giving of yourself to other people, and I also firmly believe it helps improve our attitudes when we do so.  There's a good feeling that comes with knowing you helped make a difference.  Maybe for you that's money, maybe it's time (after all, time is money indeed).  Just do something for someone else.  Pay for the coffee for the person behind you at Starbucks.  Volunteer for a local charity.

Cut out the negative
Some people in our lives are toxic, and many times the best thing to do is keep them at a distance.  You don't have to subject yourself to that kind of attitude or behavior.  When you cut those people (or even circumstances) out of your life, it'll be way easier to be happy.

Make the most of moments
Turn those opportunities to complain or to be irritated into moments to teach or learn or love.  Like when your husband asks you to do the dishes after he makes dinner and you just don't feel like it, choose to do it with a good attitude knowing it communicates love to him.  Or let your kids make that mess in living room because you know they're making memories together - heck, maybe even join them!  The point is to recognize those moments that will make a difference and be fully present in them.

Accept failures & shortcomings
We're not perfect.  We will fail, and we will disappoint.  I'm here to tell you: Everything is going to be okay!  Choose to learn from your mistakes and take criticism gracefully (preaching to the choir on that one).

Drop the pressure (to be the best [insert whatever here])
With the evolving of Pinterest, women especially can feel the pressure to "Do These 5 Things to be a Perfect Mom" or for their outfits/hair/makeup to be perfect or to do all the exercise pins out there.  It's okay if you choose to feed your kids chips and animal crackers for lunch sometimes - it's not going to kill them (just try not to do it all the time!).  So you don't eat Paleo every meal - you can still choose to be healthy.  Find what works for you and your family and roll with it.

Commit to cut out most (or all) unnecessary spending or create a budget
A lot of worries and unhappiness stem from financial stress.  Make the decision for this year to be the year you get out of debt.  Or set up a budget to put more money into your savings account each pay check/month - or maybe take the step to open a savings account.  Take a Dave Ramsey financial course at a local church.  If your finances are in order, consider helping a friend set up their 2015 budget.  Whatever you choose to do, stick to it.  You can make 2015 your year for financial freedom.

Ignore this list and make your own
Lastly, maybe none of these things will work for you.  Then scrap it, and make a list of your own that you think will work.

Don't feel like you have to do everything on this list - it's not meant to be a checklist for perfection.  They're just tips that have worked for me and other people.  Find what works for you and make 2015 your year!

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