Sunday, April 26, 2015

April Goals...but not really

Oh my.  I have been a blog slacker the last two months.  Like way bad.  I don't even have a really good excuse either.  Except that we let our friends and family know back in February that we're expecting a baby this September!  So I feel like that should qualify for at least a little bit of slackiness.  I wrestled with morning sickness most of February, which made life tough for a while.  But things are smooth sailing now, and we're happily a month into the second trimester.

Some of the post delay has been due - in part - to some changes at work.  I used to brainstorm and draft during my free time there, but I've been moved to a different department with a few more added responsibilities, which has left me with little free time to claim lately (not to mention I got summoned for jury duty and now have to serve the next two weeks or so on a jury).

I feel like a large portion of my blog plans have been slightly derailed with the oncoming of a baby into our lives, too, like the fact that weight-loss isn't so much a priority right now and was one of the leading trends I had planned for my blog posts this year.  I had the whole year of blog posts kind of planned out, and now I feel like it needs some changes since our lives are going to be changing so much in the next 5 months (and have changed quite a bit already, actually).

I still have a post in progress that is a special post about how we announced our pregnancy to our moms, and I'm hoping to have that up for you in the very near future.  It was a super fun project, and it was perfect for our announcement.  I'm eager to share it.  :)

Other than that, my blog plans are going to be tweaked a bit, particularly in terms of my monthly goals - I'm not quite sure where I am with that anymore.  However, I'm still hoping to have some more posts out to you by the end of the month.  I have 3 in mind right now that I'd like to get moving.

So don't despair!  More posts to come soon.  Thanks for bearing with me!

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