Monday, May 11, 2015

"When I Count Blessings" Chalkboard Sign Tutorial & FREE Printable

Chewie and I recently (if you consider February recent?!) announced to our families that we're expecting a baby!  And I wanted to do it in a super special way - so, of course, I scoured Pinterest for hours when we found out, looking for the perfect way to tell everyone.  I eventually found this:

I absolutely fell in love with the concept and wanted to create one for our moms that excluded the great grand children portion, but couldn't find a great tutorial for it anywhere.  The only thing I found mentioned using chipboard and doing your own woodwork.  NOT. MY. KIND. OF. CRAFT.

I brainstormed ways to tweak this into something that would work for me and was relatively simple.  And I think the outcome turned out pretty fantastic!

To make yours, you'll need:
  • A base of some sort - I bought these wooden pretties at Michael's for $8.99
  • Chalkboard paint - I got mine (Folk Art brand) at Walmart for $4.99 
  • Paintbrushes
  • Pen
  • Paint pen in whichever color you choose - mine was silver
  • Chalk
The first thing I did was measure the size of the space I could actually use for the words.  It was about 10x14.

Next, paint!  And paint some more.  All in all, we painted 3-4 coats of chalkboard paint on each wooden sign.  We followed the instructions, which said to paint a coat and let it dry for an hour.  

Once the paint is dry and cured, I printed out the words in the font I wanted to use.  I created a document scaled to size to do this, which you should be able to do with any word processing file (I used powerpoint).

I cut out the words and placed them on the sign in the way I wanted them arranged and traced over all of the letters with a ball point pen, pressing firmly to leave an indent in the wood that I then traced with the silver paint pen (tutorial I used here).

Once it was dry, I added the numbers in chalk at the bottom, and voila!  I love love love how they turned out and that the chalkboard aspect allows for changes to be made later on to the numbers on the board!  Plus, it was a super easy and quick craft to do.  I hope you enjoy making one yourself!

(Funny story related to this bottom picture - our young niece thought that the crossed out 7 was a mistake and 'helped' grandma and grandpa by erasing it!  After a laugh, the 7 was added back for the full effect. :)

Happy crafting!

PS - We gave these to our moms back in February, and we were SO pleased with their responses - to the baby as well as the project.  :)

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