Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tutorial: "FAMILY" Scrabble Tile Wall Decor

I was inspired by this project on Pinterest the other day:

And when I showed it to Chewie, he loved it.  I realized that I had the materials to make an adapted version of it.  So here it is (the tutorial is under it):


Supplies you'll need are...

not pictured: tape, iron, ironing board, computer/printer

I nabbed two foam boards and the brown craft paper from the Dollar Tree a couple of weeks ago.
The boards are cut into 10" x 10" squares.

What to do...

Cover the foam board squares with the craft paper.  You can see how I did mine on the back here, basically how you would wrap a present (one of my favorite parts of Christmas, btw).

Cut six squares of burlap that are bigger than your foam squares.  I just guesstimated on these because I wasn't exactly sure of how I wanted to cover them.  In retrospect, I could have just cut them 12" x 12" for a good fit.  Oh well - I have an idea for the scraps.  Also, for a great tutorial on cutting scrapbook, click here.

At this point I ironed my burlap because it was super wonky.  You can see the before (on the right) and after (left).  It was much easier to work with after it was ironed.

Cut out "FAMILY" and the numbers to make stencils.  By all means, you can make your own, but I thought I'd provide mine for you in the event that you'd like it.  To access the PDF file, click here.  Each page is a 9" x 9" square, but it's the perfect size for printing on 8.5" x 11" cardstock.  I highly suggest using cardstock and not regular paper.  It's much more cooperative.  So download the file and just click print (if you're using the same dimensions [10" x 10"] for your squares).  Also, I used a sharp knife to cut the stencils out, and it worked nicely - just make sure to put something underneath to protect your surface!

Next thing is to paint the letters onto the burlap.  I used black fabric paint from a previous burlap project.  I didn't measure this or anything, just eye-balled it.  I know, I'm super scientific about this.  But, hey, if I can do it, anyone can!  A note - I forgot to get a picture of painting the numbers on.  I just eye-balled that one too - go figure.  Hah.

The hardest part - wait for it to dry.  I painted mine before work and then finished the project when I got home.  However, they were almost dry when I left (about an hour after I painted them).  For added protection, I also ironed them with a paper towel in between the paint/burlap and iron so that it could heat set a bit.  

I used basically the same method to attach the burlap to the foam board as with the craft paper, except I hot glued this instead of taped.  I folded opposing sides first, then cut the corners off and wrapped them over.

An example of the cut corners before wrapping on both of the remaining sides.  I also ended up with little "peaks" in the very corners - I just folded those over and hot glued them down because I didn't love how they looked.  It kinded of rounded the corners, but I like the outcome.

My hubs took this picture - isn't he so artistic???  Anyhow, here's what they looked like once I finished the hot glue step.

The last step, which I didn't really take a picture of, is to arrange them however you want.  I did mine similar to the inspiration picture and just hot glued the overlapping areas.  I'm not sure that hot glue was the best option, but it's all I had on hand (and the glue gun was still hot - haha).  However, it seems like it's going to hold up decently because they're each so light.  

Since we're renters, we're going to use small command hooks to hang it on our wall - I love Command Hooks.  They're perfect for renters.  To do that, we'll probably make small loops on the back of the "F," "M," and "L" and then hang them on the hooks.  

Hope you love it as much as we do!  The whole project took me about 2 hours, excluding paint-drying time. Good luck!

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