Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Bucket List 2012

At the beginning of fall, I posted a list of things I wanted to do before the season ends. I made it through several of those things, and I'm not disappointed that I didn't get through all of them - I'm just glad I got to do the ones I did!

The last thing on that list was to make a list for winter. But I've decided to narrow it down to a Christmas list for now. I'll make a post-winter one after Christmas.

Christmas Bucket List 2012

Bake and decorate Christmas cookies with Chewie
Decorate the tree
Drive around looking at Christmas lights
Listen to Christmas music all the time
Finish making plans for our honeymoon trip
Plan and attend a few Christmas parties
Finish the lucrative "candy cane" project (to be posted soon, I hope!)
Make a daily habit of remembering Jesus is the whole point of this season
Go caroling

So that's it for now!  Look forward to several posts in the near future!

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GianneCurry said...

Thanks for the idea! I made my own this morning with my kiddos.