Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nativity Scene

I have to start this post with a little back-story.  At one of my bridal showers, I was gifted a check.  But this check wasn't any ordinary check.  Oh no - this check was meant to be designated for the purchase of a nativity scene (per order of the giver).  At first I thought it was a little odd, but the more I thought about it the more I thought it was a super neat and different kind of gift.

However, finding a nativity scene in June proved to be somewhat unsuccessful.

Then it hit me to try to find one on  I knew that I wanted something unique and modern.  Not what you'd usually find.  And we don't have a lot of surface space in our home, so I was thinking some sort of wall hanging.

But my plans were completely rerouted when I found this in the mariascraft store on etsy:

Nativity Scene VIP Panel Cranston Print Works Co. Christmas Craft Panel 9 Piece Set.
I know what you're probably thinking, "That isn't unique OR modern.  And you have to make it yourself.  So what's the big deal?"

I'll tell you if you'll stop interrupting.  ;)

The big deal is that this is the exact same nativity scene my mom made for us kids when I was younger!  I grew up with this thing.  I looked forward to seeing it come out of hibernation every Christmas season because it was such a staple in our home.  And it was plush - so my mom didn't care if or how much we played with it because she knew it was unlikely we'd destroy it.  The real kicker here is that I found the exact same one my mom made in the - probably - early 90s - that it's still around!

So I bought it.  Even though I don't have a sewing machine...yet (more on this to come).  Even though I really don't remember how to sew.

But it turned out pretty neat, if you ask me.

I apologize for the poor quality - I was in too big a rush to grab the fancy camera and just used my iPhone.  But you get the idea.

I absolutely love it.  It's not perfect.  And it's definitely not as good as my mom's.  But it gets the job done.  And I'm incredibly proud of myself for getting it completed within a week and in time for Christmas.

A big thank you to my special helpers on this project - Tiffany and Emily (who so graciously let me borrow her sewing machine and gave me a quick guide on how to sew).  And a bigger thank you to The McBrides who gifted the check to us - we probably wouldn't have ever thought to get a nativity scene if you hadn't planted the idea there in the first place.

And now it sits on the floor in front of our entertainment center, and I can't wait for our future kids to play with it someday just like I did when I was a kid.

Merry Christmas!

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